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'Birdman' Found Limoges plate with gold rim. Collaged photo and text made into decal and fired onto plate.

talk about good knobs.jpg
exhibition_zahner 02 not the last supper
How big are you anyway.jpg
exhibition_zahner 01 before and
unknown landscape.jpg

This series comprises decals that are collaged from images I took and fired onto found plates and ceramic objects that had been discarded.

venus hog knuckle et al.jpg
birth of venus as a baby.jpg
sigrid_zahner_hamknuckle on wheels.jpg
sigrid_zahner_life 1 of 4 series.jpg
sigrid_zahner_life 2 of 4 series.jpg
sigrid_zahner_life 4 of 4 series.jpg
sigrid_zahner_life 3 of 4 series.jpg
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